Our high level of skills in municipal law is at the core of our services. Very few lawyers can boast about having worked for most of the local municipalities in the Outaouais and Pontiac areas. You can now get the benefits of our ten years of experience.

Throughout the years, the jurisdiction of the municipalities has become larger and larger. The responsibilities of the municipalities are numerous: land use planning and development, housing, public roads, culture, recreation, local economic development, environment, sanitation, nuisances, safety and transport, to name just a few.

By their very nature, the local municipalities are close to the citizens. We can feel their influence every day. Their reach into our daily lives increases each time legislation giving them new powers is passed. All signs are indicating that this trend is not going to stop anytime soon.

The technical nature of municipal law is often seen as an administrative labyrinth. Understanding all the by-laws can be difficult. Oftentimes, you will need the assistance of various experts: engineers, professional technologists, land surveyors, architects, town planners, etc. Our job is to guide you along the way and represent you in your dealings with a municipality.

Land Use and Development

  • Zoning By-law
  • Subdivision By-law
  • Construction By-law
  • Comprehensive Development Program (PAE)
  • Site Planning and Architectural Integration Programs (PIIA)

Land Planning

  • Municipal Land Reserves
  • Contribution to be used for parks
  • Municipal Works Agreements
  • Tariff By-law

Environmental Protection

  • Lake Shores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains Protection
  • Environment Quality Act
  • Sanitation By-law
  • Nuisances By-law


  • Call for Tenders
  • Liability of Elected Officials and Public Servants
  • Access to Information